Fireworks 2010

A collection of fireworks images from last weekend’s show at the Colorado National Golf Club near my house in Erie. Katherine, Sofia and I sat at the back of the 1st Green and watched the 15 minute show with a few dozen others, while the main crowds sat up on the driving range. A this new spot proved to be a great spot both for viewing the fireworks and for a quick exit away from the traffic jams around the club house!

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Fireworks with my Girls

Here, Sofia and Katherine enjoy the fireworks show last night at the Colorado National Golf Club (the old Vista Ridge) near our house in Erie. Great show and a good refresher course on how to shoot fireworks — camera set to manual mode, f/11, ISO 200 and between 4 secs and 6 secs shutter speed.

Great time. Click the image to view larger.

Fireworks with My Girls

Fireworks with My Girls

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