Day 2 of 5 – Black and White Challenge

Day 2 / 5 Black and White Photo Challenge, nominated/challenged by Steve Parker.

One of my favorite locations to shoot – Chautauqua Park in Boulder, home of the Flatirons as these rock faces are named. Here’s to hoping how the Flatirons will look when this arctic blast of cold shivers into Colorado this week. This image was captured in early February 2011, and, if I remember correctly, Kevin Barnes and Steve can verify, the temperature this particular morning was a bitter 5 degrees with a sub-zero wind chill. (What was I thinking, leaving a warm bed?)

Chautauqua ParkAM 20110209_104

Chautauqua ParkAM 20110209_104 – © Gregg Lowrimore Photography

Today I nominated/challenged Andy Garza, and April Fischer. It’s optional, but try to post 1 BW image a day for 5 straight days, and each day nominate one+ person to the challenge. Good luck!

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Waxing Moon Setting over First Flatiron

I was up in Boulder checking out the fall colors along Mapleton Avenue and finding the gardners had just mowed there really drove me away. So I headed up to Chautauqua Park to see if I could catch the setting waxing crescent moon setting over the flatirons before heading to my monthly Colorado Nature Camera Club meeting.

Perfect timing! I am still going through the couple hundred images I shot from that setting, but here’s one almost straight out of the camera. Also, you can see the flashlight from a late hiker(s) just coming down from the First Flatiron, near the ridge line, left of the moon.

Boulder 20121018 275

Waxing Crescent Moon Setting in Boulder, Chautauqua Park

More to come from this shoot….

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Chautauqua Park – Black and White – I

Please tell me what you think about either of these three images from Chautauqua Park. These have been converted and tweaked in Lightroom from their original color captures. Also, two images are of the same basic composition, just that one is landscape oriented, while the other is portrait oriented.


Chautauqua Park AM 20110209 082

Chautauqua Park AM 20110209 082

Chautauqua Park AM 20110209 084

Chautauqua Park AM 20110209 084

Chautauqua Park AM 20110209 091

Chautauqua Park AM 20110209 091

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