FRPS As a Meta-Stock Agency?

The Meta-Stock Agency

In reading Dan Heller’s Photography Business Blog today, he’s written a really good article entitled The meta-stock agency

This meta-stock agency is kind of where I want to push FRPS into becoming — a clearinghouse or cooperative for beautiful (regional?) photography. And the market for our photos would primarily be the Front Range of Colorado, but in theory, there could be no limit to buyers of our images. Since we live in a highly sought after, destination resort state, don’t you imagine there would be a lot of interest for any insiders view of this state, to be used for marketing/print/promotional uses? Can’t we offer up our excellent views of this state for sale, at fair market value? Can’t we pool our resources as FRPS and build a base of stock photos? And along the way, establish licensing, contracts, and usage verbage for the sale and benefits of our members?

Besides the local businesses that want Colorado photos, there are many out-of-state markets that need these same resources. But where will these potential buyers go to truly find unique photography of Colorado? Which stock agency can say they specialize in Colorado photos?

I’m always being asked by local businesses “Do you have this shot?” Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But wouldn’t it be nice to say, I don’t but my photo club does have that shot? Check them out at

Other Potential Links

We could establish ourselves as a front range meta-stock agency and also hook ourselves up with the local site as well as others, to enlist them to serve as the meta-search site or front end to our stock of photos. There are many other linkages like this, but you get the idea.

We could expand our sphere of influence across the entire state (and further), if FRPS had members with photos from across the state. All of us together should be able to provide for pretty good state-wide (or region-wide) coverage, if we set this as a FRPS goal.


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