Tim Grey’s Infrared Effect

Creating a Dreamy Infrared Effect by Tim Grey | Take Great Pictures.

Tim Grey talked about this in his guest post on Scott Kelby’s blog a few weeks past. Now he’s written up a complete tutorial on how he achieved the IR look to some of the imagery used in his guest post. Check it out!

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Worldwide Photowalk – Golden, CO

Last Saturday, Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk took place and I signed up to participate in the Denver/Golden walk with 40+ other unknown-to-each-other photographers. I did have a new friend and fellow photographer, Mark Mortenson, meet up with me on the walk. The Worldwide Photowalk was organized by Scott Kelby, author, blogger, photographer, lecturer, teacher and President of National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and Photoshop User TV fame.

With something like 171 cities worldwide, there were literally thousands of photographers in participation. Through the links above, one can view the thousands of images captured on this one particular day — each hosted walk had a Flickr Group created to post the images from their walks. Our walk’s Flickr Group is here.

In processing my images from that walk in downtown Golden, I found several images within images, as well as color alternatives. Below are two images that I’ve cropped and processed into colorized and/or black and white.

For the originals of the images above, and for all 30 or so images I was willing to post from this walk, follow this link to my Flickr site or click on my Flickr page link near the top of the left sidebar on my web site. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

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Inspirational Post from Moose Peterson

Every passionate photographer should go read Moose’s guest post over on Scott Kelby’s wonderful blog: here. Very inspirational story about the passion and experience a true photographer gains over time.

An excellent read. Check out some of the comments too! Wow.

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