Bucket List Session

Ever since I saw this image concept on the wall of our Pediatrician’s office, I’ve been wanting to replicate the scene myself, but I’ve never had the opportunity — until Holden arrived.

A few months after my last post, we got together again to shoot images for Christmas cards, and this time in my basement studio for an indoor session. The baby-in-a-bowl-of-Cheerios has been on my bucket list for at least 15 years. And I think we did alright at this first attempt.

What do you think?

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Holden Goering – 6 Months

Tracy and Brandon Goering’s son Holden turned 6 months back in September and I captured this life event one evening while scrambling to find the right venue. We had first planned a session at the Webster Lake park in Northglenn only to arrive and discover a cast of Pirates and Wenches had overtaken the entire park. With the sun nearing the horizon, we scrambled up to the Vista Ridge and Anthem area, to a little path around a lake where I knew the type of bridge I wanted existed. 

By the time we had arrived, the sun was in its last minutes of setting. We moved quickly to the bridge, carrying all sorts of props and camera gear, not to mention the props and clothing changes for the Goerings.

Anyway, long story boring, here are a few of the images from that session…

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Christmas Wonderment

I took my new niece into my studio to play around with Christmas lights (this being her very first Christmas) and her wonderment was so precious. My daughter was sitting right alongside her to keep an eye on her too. No babies were harmed in this shoot! ;)

Asha Christmas 20141222 101

Asha Christmas 20141222 101

Asha Christmas 20141222 079

Asha Christmas 20141222 079

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