Happy Easter

Easter and Springtime bring out the Tulips on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall. Although today started at 33 degrees and snow showers. it’s sunny and warming up. Another typical spring day in the Rockies.

Tulips 20110423 039

Tulips 20110423 039

Let’s not forget what Easter is all about either.

Happy Easter!

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I think I’m going to try heading up to Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall tomorrow morning to check out the early tulip blooms. Anyone interested in coming along?

Almost Spring

Almost Spring

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Shot in the Studio?

Below is the same Tulip, shot out on the Pearl Street Mall, but using two different backdrops.

Tulip - Natural Surroundings

Tulip - Studio

It’s very handy bringing along a black drop clothe on these shoots! But I think I found the perfect backdrop for the all natural first image. I can’t decide which background I like better. The first image’s natural background is quite complimentary to the color shades in the Tulip. While the black background in the second image yields a more traditional, almost fine art looking image. Which do you prefer? Leave me a comment below.

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