I’ve been meaning to capture some portraits of Sofia while she’s missing her front teeth, but I haven’t been able to get her in to the studio in a timely fashion until now. But now her front teeth are partially grown back! Nevertheless, here are a couple recent portraits of her, one showing her beautiful toothless smile! I love you Sofia!

Toothless Sofia Smile

Toothless Sofia Smile

Toothless Sofia Smiling Bigger

Toothless Sofia Smiling Bigger

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Sofia Discovers Sunflowers

My little girl, Sofia, discovers real sunflowers for the first time. This was taken last night at my twilight sunflower shoot with Bill Knoche. Nothing fancy, just Sofia and a couple of Sunflowers.

Sunflowers - Sofia's Discovery

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Sofia’s Reverance Dance Rehearsal 2009

Something a little different for today. Our daughter Sofia had her full-on dress rehearsal for her dance recital tomorrow night. She attends Reverance Dance Academy and every year they put on this wonderful show, with each class and style of dance putting on a routine for the parents and relatives (and anyone else) to come watch and raise money for the academy. This year, Sofia took the Jazz class and she put on quite a show. Check it out below.


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