Tulip and White

Another image from last Saturday’s Tulip shoot.

Tulip and White

REMINDER: I’ll be leading the Denver Photowalk Group (about 20 photographers have RSVP’d) on the same photowalk this coming Saturday. We’re meeting at 7am on the corner of 15th and Pearl. Anyone is welcome to join us!

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Spring Snow on the Flatirons

To break up the Tulip photos sequence, here’s one more image from the Chautauqua Park Flatirons shoot from a couple of weekends ago, again in the snow. The Flatirons are the slabs of Flagstone that appear to be leaning against the mountainside in the picture. The first three are numbered starting with the first Flatiron (tallest in this photo) and moving right to left. This photo was taken near the North edge of Chautauqua Meadow, near Baseline Road. This is also where in early June there will be Spring wildflowers covering a good portion of the meadowy area before you.

Flatirons & Evergreen

Chautauqua Park is a hub for a web of hiking trails along Boulder’s Southwest side. From Boulder Valley hiking along the base of the Flatirons, to the top of Green Mountain at 8144 feet elevation. For more information about Chautauqua Park, visit this link or simply Google it.

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In Honor of World Pinhole Photography Day

Did you know you can purchase a body cap for your DSLR and participate in Pinhole Photography without the expense of shooting film? Check this out: Pinhole Photography by Lenox Laser – Pinhole Photo Camera Lenses and Accessories Resource.

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