Good Efforts Gone Awry

As you probably can tell by now, I bring my camera with me to almost every Rockies game these days. I love being able to capture some special moments or just capturing the grandeur of Coors Field. I love this stadium and I love baseball.

For some reason this one game, my camera was set to something along the lines of +2.5EV, meaning that every shot was captured at 2.5 stops brighter than what the good exposure was. Yikes! And I didn’t realize this until about 30 frames into the game.

Back home at the Digital Darkroom, I’m uploading the images from the previous day’s events and remembered these 30 way-overexposed images and thought, “What can I do to salvage something from these shots?”

Solution — High-contrast black and white!

Here’s the results from a 12-shot panoramic attempt, all shot at +2.5EV.

Rockies 4th July 2011

(Click to view larger image)

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Happy 4th of July 2008

The Erie Fireworks Pre-Show was spectacular up at Vista Ridge. This beautiful sunset started what was to be a glorious Fourth of July fireworks display later on….

And they always puts on a great fireworks show–this year was no exception….

Happy Fourth of July America!

From the Erie Fireworks show at Vista Ridge GC, July 3rd.

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Lake Isabelle Wildflowers

Steve Parker and I ventured up into the Lake Isabelle area over the Fourth of July holiday to catch some of the early season (early for the high country) wildflowers. We were about 1-2 weeks away from peak viewing still, but check out the images below to see how they looked yesterday.

The Columbine were starting to bloom and we found some that were in full bloom (see below): lots of Prairie Primrose, some spots of Red Paintbrush (no White Paintbrush yet), lots of Buttercups and Daisies, and a tiny white or blue/white flower that we don’t know the name of, almost like Babies Breathe…

Still fairly early though. Venture up yourself in the next two weeks and send me some notes/comments on how you found the wildflowers to be….

Click on an image to start a slide show, then mouse-over near the upper third of either the right or left corner to see the navigation links…

Prairie Primrose Stream - Vertical

Prairie Primrose Bouquet

Lone Prairie Primrose and Log

Paintbrush Abstract


Glorious Prairie Primrose Bouquet

Hikers in Saddle

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