Microsoft’s Touchscreen Computer

From the WOW Files

Check out this new computer from, believe it or not, Microsoft. Now this would be the awesome display for working on album layouts! Watch the video here. Some impressive wireless networking/attaching of peripherals too. Forget HAL, this is way cooler.

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Free (or Very Inexpensive) Photoshop Actions

Some Incredible Photoshop Actions, Tutorials, and Brushes

Came across this website for PanosFX – Advanced Photoshop Actions where one can download a set of Photoshop instructions, bundled together in a script-like fashion (which becomes a Photoshop Action), that can transform images like you’d never believe possible.

For example, imagine being able to open an image, click on this one action, and in a few seconds have a Rubics Cube like display where your image has been quartered and pasted on each square face on a Rubics Cube. Cool or what?

There’s also an awesome action for converting a color image into a B/W image.

Check this site out!

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Town Fair Season – Part II

Erie Town Fair’s Hot Air Balloon Day

I made it over to the Erie Town Fair’s second day of the Hot Air Balloon last Sunday. Beautiful weather and beautiful balloons. It was an awesome display and an excellent field day for photographers.

Here’s a couple shots from that morning, and the link to the full album inside my Gallery site is here too.

Erie Town Fair - Balloon I

Erie Town Fair - Hot Air Blast

Erie Town Fair - Close up

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