Searching for Wildflowers…(part II)

Magnolia Road (above Boulder)

Still on a mission to photograph the early season wildflowers, my buddy Steve and I went up Magnolia Road above Boulder and caught a few more images of the wildflowers near the town of old ghost town of Magnolia. These were all shot solely with the amazing Nikkor 300mm f/2.8 AF-S lens. (I still can’t believe how quick this lens is, nor that it can close-focus down to an amazing seven feet!)

Tell me what you think…

Backyard Stocks
Yellow Wildflowers
Wild Grass
More Wild Grass Stocks

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  • sparker says:

    Nice shots… Especially for a lens that’s 100 times the size of any of the actual flowers! I can’t believe that thing never tipped over your tripod once! :)


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