Steamboat Barn in Beautiful Sunset Light

Well, almost alpenglow….

Driving back from dinner tonight, we had gorgeous setting sunlight. So we decided to swing by the infamous Steamboat Barn to see how the light was playing on the icon.

Sure enough, we had 10 minutes at most of this beautiful setting sunlight we call Alpenglow — made famous by the late great Galen Rowell.

I think I’ve shot this barn every trip here to Steamboat since about 1996. Love the barn, location and tonight… loved the lighting on it. It’s an American Icon. One look at this barn, and you know it’s Steamboat….

Steamboat Barn in Alpenglow

Steamboat Barn in Alpenglow

What do you think? Have you seen this barn before?

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  • Match says:

    Neat image. I believe that alpen glow is the light that appears about 1-2 hours before sunrise. Maybe also 1-2 hours after sunset as well?

    BTW: It was good to meet you at the Photowalk.

    • greggl says:

      You are correct. But it’s shortly after the sunsets usually. But I’ve never seen it 1-2 hours after sunset! :) I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote that title too. Must have been late at night, must have been after a long day of shooting and too many beers!

      Great meeting you too.

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