Loving my new Sony a6000 Camera!

First real shoot using my new Sony a6000 camera today. I’m telling you, this thing is a beauty! Even just using the kit’s 16-50 lens, I am really impressed with this camera. I brought along my Nikon DSLR just in case, and I have to tell you, the Nikon stayed in the truck.

I did have a couple moments where I had to sit back and really think “How does this camera operate in X mode?” but that was just a minute or two and I was back at it. Amazing camera overall. The one drawback I experienced today was the battery life. I brought the camera down to <10% in a 2-hour shooting window – less than 150 shots. But this trip wasn’t on a fully charged battery. Something I’ll have to experiment more with though.

Close focusing I’ll leave up to the viewer. The image below was shot about as close as I can get using the stock 16-50mm kit lens. I have extension tubes and an adapter that allows me to mount my Nikon glass on this Sony, but that wasn’t used today. This lens did pretty well all by itself.

The next test is to see how well this camera works with by studio lights – if at all!

Pasque Flowers 20150329 118

Pasque Flowers 20150329 118

I welcome thoughts, questions, insight, and comments on this camera (or the image above!). Thanks for reading!

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