Adobe InDesign Video Tutorial – Photobooks

Here’s a cool, short video tutorial from Layers Magazine on Adobe InDesign Video Tutorial – Designing a Photobook.

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Setting up a PhotoBlog

Here’s a rather easy way to setup a photoblog for your imagery, using Flickr, Adobe Lightroom, and some wrapper utilities. If you’re on the Mac platform, you can just follow the easy instructions contained in the article. If you’re on the PC platform, there are a couple caveats to the instructions, but nothing that should keep you from setting up your PhotoBlog.

Read the article over at The Turning Gate. Here’s the link.

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Adobe Updates Camera RAW

So what’s in an update?


To read about all the new features found in the 4.1 release of Adobe’s Camera RAW plugin, click here and read Jeff Schewe’s detailed posting (complete with full-size sample images) on what can be done (and how he feels about) this new release of Adobe’s ever more powerful RAW processing engine.

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