Fall Colors in Colorado

This is my favorite time of the year. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and football is back in the spotlight every weekend. It’s also time for the annual turning of the Aspens in Colorado.

Aspens Are Turning

Yellow on White

I needed to get away today to clear my head and think about other, more happier things. It’s been an extremely busy week, coupled with a nice little surprise from my ex-wife on Saturday, so I took off for the Piney Lake area north of Vail, in search of the Aspens. I’d never been into the Piney Lake area for the Aspens, but when I shot a wedding up there back in July, I immediately made a mental note to venture back there for the fall colors. I did find some Aspens today, though not as plentiful as in other areas of Colorado, they still didn’t disappoint either. And with today being a generally overcast and rainy day, the vivid colors came through in these pictures!

Overall, the Aspens in the Vail Valley are about one week short of having peak colors. Some groves (like the one above) are in full color right now. While others (well most of the others) are still dirty or still in the green stage.

One thing to remember when out shooting the Aspens, don’t forget to look around you and underneath your feet — the ground cover right now is overflowing with color! (See below!)

Colorful Ground Cover

More Colorful Ground Cover

Colorful Trail

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