Old School Bus Stop

Frosty Hut 20140226 001 (Edit-2)

Old School Bus Stop 20140226 001 (Edit-2)


Image taken at the corner of Co Rd 119 and Kenosha Rd on a recent drive in to work.

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Geese Lighting, Cottonwood Sunset

I’ve been going back through some of my image archives and looking for imagery to convert to black and white for possible submission to the Black and White Spider Awards Photography competition. One image that strikes me well is the image from my previous post. With a little work in Lightroom, it was converted over into a beautiful black and white image.

Geese Lighting, Cottonwood Sunset

Geese Lighting, Cottonwood Sunset

What do you think? BW or Color for this image?

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Lone Cottonwood, Lighting Geese

Another image from that beautiful setting sun last week. As I sat there shooting the barn and cottonwood, I couldn’t believe my luck! And not only did my wife call me just as I pulled up to this spot to ask if I could go pick up Sofia from school, but then these geese came in to feed and made the scene all the more photogenic, that I simply had to stay and shoot! I did make it in time to pick up Sofia from school, but I was speeding on back roads and running to get her before closing!

But I think it was worth every minute I spent shooting that day… Don’t you?

Cottonwood With Geese Lighting

Cottonwood With Geese Lighting

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