Midnight Rider

At the very end of the Farmer’s Market & Tulips on Pearl Street shoot today, Allena and I came across this fine looking homeless man, sitting at the edge of the aisle of booths. I did my best Parker Pfister attempt, walked up to him and asked him his name to which he replied, “Down South, I’m known as the ‘Midnight Rider’.” Interesting. I quickly asked him if I could snap a photograph of him and he obliged. I envisioned a black and white image from the start, before I even approached him, so back in the Digital Darkroom using Lightroom, I did a B&W conversion, added some contrast and came up with these.

Midnight Rider - Close Up

Midnight Rider

What do you think?

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Farmer’s Market Apple Gourds

Spent some time up in Boulder leading the Denver Photowalk Group around the Pearl Street Mall and the Farmer’s Market. You’ve seen my Tulip pictures by now, so here is one from the Farmer’s Market. Enjoy.

Apple Gourds For Sale

Just what is an Apple Gourd and what’s it’s use? :) Tell me below in the comments.

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