Gallery2 Embedded into Red Bridge WP Theme

I’ve completed the integration of Gallery2 embedded into this WordPress theme I’m using now (Red Bridge 1.0).

  • Random image function now works.
  • Searching through the meta data tags of all my imagery stored in Gallery2 now works (try it, enter ‘irons’ as the search word and find all my Boulder Flat Irons photos!)
  • Broken Permalinks to Gallery2 Images. to fix this, I had to deactivate URI ReWrites in Gallery2. Now when one clicks on an image, they get to that image inside Gallery2, instead of just reaching to root of my Gallery2 site.

To Dos

  • Figure out minor CSS tweaks to make site slightly better
  • Enable rotating headers for this theme
  • Figure out a better way to integrate my Photo Blog site
  • etc., etc., etc.,

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