15 BLOGging Tips from Matt Cutts

Better BLOGging tips from WordCamp ’07

An excellent write-up from this event was posted by Charles over at Blogging Pro, and can be read here. (For more on WordCamp ’07, please read Charles extensive summary of Day 0 and 1.)

I’ve re-posted Charles’ section covering what Mat Cutts described as his 15-points for better blogging, that I thought were good enough tips to repost below.

  1. Don’t put your blog at the root of your domain.
  2. Name your directory “blog” instead of “wordpress”.
  3. In URLs, no spaces are worst, underscore are better, dashes or hyphens are best.
  4. Use alt tags on images: not only is it good accessibility, it’s good SEO.
  5. Include keywords naturally in your posts.
  6. Make your post dates easy to find.
  7. Check your blog on a cell phone and/or iPhone.
  8. Use partial-text feeds if you want more page views; use full-text feeds if you want more loyal readers.
  9. Blogs should do standard pings.
  10. Standardize backlinks (don’t mix and match www with non-www).
  11. Use a permanent redirect (301) when moving to a new host.
  12. Don’t include the post date in your URL.
  13. When moving between hosts, wait until Googlebot and traffic begin to visit the new host before taking down the old one.
  14. If using AdSense, use sectioning.
  15. Use FeedBurner’s (now) free MyBrand feature to take control of your feeds (i.e., feed.bloggingpro.com instead of http://feeds.feedburner.com/bloggingpro/PfjF.

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  • uxdesign.com says:

    As Matt/Google PR/legal have apparently decided not to publish the ppt prezo on his blog (no surprise really), I’m glad some one took decent notes. Being a slower writer, next time I’m going to sit in front of the screen and shoot the slides (surprised no one did).

    One minor correction only: for lucky #13, “wait until Googlebot and traffic begin to visit the new host before taking down the old one,” yes. And, a moment later on the same subject, “check analytics… when just about all the traffic is going to the new server you can turn off the old one.” (Paraphrasing a bit here but you know….)
    In other words, 1) move the site’s doc’s to the new server (assumedly available via IP, or similar domain). 2) move the domain. 3) wait a day for the new IP to propagate through name servers 4) check stat’s on old server and new to ensure 3. 5) take down the old site. Really if the duplicate sites are both up for only a day or two, there will be no dup content spam penalty… may even want to check webmaster account for google bot index frequency and make the move right in between it’s schedule. :-)

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