Rock Star

This past weekend, we went to a family picnic for my kids’ new school year held at Sunflower Farms near Longmont. While chasing the kids around the different attractions there, I stumbled upon this little guy on stage!

Peakapolossa 20120818 020

Rock Star – Peakapolossa 20120818 020

Anyone know what type of chicken this is? Please leave me a comment below.

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Steamboat Sunset

Here’s a couple more images from my long weekend in Steamboat Springs back in early December. Steve Parker and I watched and waited for this sunset as it progressed from “good” to “outstanding”, but when we finally got out to shoot it, the wind had whipped up to add to the frigid temperatures already. I think the wind chill made for a chilly -5 degrees.

Both of these images are 3-shot HDRs, processed in Photomatix Pro.

Steamboat 20111204 545-6-7 HDR

Steamboat 20111204 545-6-7 HDR

Steamboat 20111204 563-4-5 HDR

Steamboat 20111204 563-4-5 HDR

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