Another Blogger Added to my Favs List

Dan Heller’s BLOG – A Must Read

Just ran across Mr. Heller’s BLOG today on a tip from a friend to read Dan’s book. Thanks Andrew!. I thus spent a few minutes reading his latest posting and thought, WOW, this is what I’ve been searching for when trying to brainstorm ways to improve FRPS for all our members!

Click here and read through Dan’s lengthy post on the Virtual Stock Agency. It’s a very interesting idea/concept, taking the best of the “crowdsourcing” sites (aka, Flickr, Smugmug, etc.) and the proven business practices of the formal (some micro-) stock agencies (aka, Getty Images, iStockPhoto, etc.) and combining ideas into a virtual stock agency, with Editors policing the keywording of images and “listmania” (the creation of “lists” by users, similar to what you’d find on Amazon and iMix lists within Apple’s iTunes Music Store.)

Post comments back here on what you thought and how it might be applied to growing FRPS into something that produces results for its members.

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