Lensbaby Composer

Last Saturday I was able to take a free class at Denver Pro Photo, given by Russ Burden and the Digital Photo Academy, on using the Lensbaby Composer.

After a 15 minute spiel given by the Manfrotto representative, Russ then walked us through using the Lensbaby Composer system and turned us loose on the streets photographing the many Victorian homes and gardens surrounding the Denver Pro Photo store.

After 20 minutes or so of getting acquainted with the lens system, I was able to start enjoying its use and learning its limitations and quirks. But I had a great time using the Lensbaby Composer and took home several dozens of images from that session. Glad I was able to attend and learn more about this unique lens system. It’s a lot harder than it looks! The Lensbaby Composer is roughly a 50mm f/2 lens out-of-the-box. Using the supplied magnetic pencil, you can change the aperture of the lens by removing the aperture ring and inserting another ring with a larger hole. Each ring is labeled with the approximate f-stop opening, so to make the Lensbaby Composer an f/5.6 lens, simply insert the f/5.6 aperture ring and you’re set. The system comes with rings from f/2.8 on up to f/22 for maximum depth of field, relatively speaking ;)

Your camera must be set to manual mode to use the Lensbaby, so you become quite familiar with using your camera’s histogram for exposure evaluations. Quite frustrating at first, but something your ease into and pickup rather quickly if you know how to read your camera’s histograms — which is an art onto itself.

My best results were had by straightening the Lensbaby Composer to shoot/compose straight up, then twist the front element to obtain focus. Once you subject is focused and somewhat composed, I would then bend the front of the Lensbaby Composer to “warp” the focus away from the subject and/or focus point, to make everything but the subject of my composition out of focus. Does that make sense?

Again, straighten out the Lensbaby Composer, compose and focus like it’s a normal 50mm lens, then begin bending the front element of the Composer until you get your desired de-focus effect.

Denver Pro Photo building via Lensbaby Composer

After shooting for an hour, I got to the point where I could use this lens system quite handily.

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