Invite the Viewer In! : Moose Peterson’s Website

From Moose Peterson, comes this article about something you just can’t plan for, nor can you be taught how to do, nor can you buy the tools/techniques to achieve… Invite the Viewer In! : Moose Peterson’s Website. So very true. Check it out!

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MooseNewsBlog » Web Poster Action

I’ve actually emailed Moose Peterson about his Web Poster process before and he said that he never would divulge his methods… Well now he has! Check out this little video for a taste of how he generates those “Moose Peterson Gallery Series” images found on his web site with a single action. A few new Photoshop tricks to learn too!

MooseNewsBlog » Web Poster Action.

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Inspirational Post from Moose Peterson

Every passionate photographer should go read Moose’s guest post over on Scott Kelby’s wonderful blog: here. Very inspirational story about the passion and experience a true photographer gains over time.

An excellent read. Check out some of the comments too! Wow.

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